Where is Babes Wodumo’s Award?

babes wo dumo

Wololo is undoubtedly one of the biggest kwaito tracks of our times. With so many nominations from Metro FM , BET and the recent SAMAs it remains a true mystery how and why Babes wo Dumo has not won even 1 award for that track.

So the question is why hasn’t Babes been credited for the stellar work she has done on the track? She even has a BET Nomination and sadly no Award to date. Could it be foul play like Babes has hinted in her video? Personally I believe she does deserve the ” New artist and Song of the Year Award but the latter is dependent on how many fans vote so Babes should also consider redirecting her disappointed to her fans. Why did they not vote for her?

The singer  used Social Media to vent her frustration with the SAMAs and I am guessing they did nothing but respond with a diplomatic response. Here are Babes’s sentiments.

 “I was even nominated for the BET’s overseas but I don’t get even one award at home? There is no such thing, please don’t play with us. Continue to buy your awards. Continue and feel free, because we’re not going to go hungry, we’re getting booked. I will always be Babes and Mampintsha will always be Mampintsha and West Ink will always be West Ink. Thank you”



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