Dj Zinhle : Reality Show coming up

It is not a rumor anymore. One of SA’s hottest Djs will be having a reality show in July.

According to Mzansi Online “If you’ve been following businesswoman and DJ Zinhle’s social media, particularly Instagram, you know she’s been going back to her hometown Dannhauser in KwaZulu-Natal often to do some “work”. We can confirm that DJ Zinhle is currently shooting a reality show set to air on one of the SABC channels in July”.

According to the source the show is produced by the same people who produced Zola7 and it’s about how celebrities are giving back to the communities they grew up in. “Zinhle is working with some schoolgirls in her hometown to make a difference in their lives and it’s some very empowering stuff. It’s a lot of hard work but Zinhle is ready for it,” another source said. I hope this is not one of those shows were celebs are showing us what they eat and what they wear or who they hang around with in their fancy clothes and cars. Really?



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